Welcome, lovers of theatre, dance, ancient rites, and modern rituals!

venus in orange is a play and a project.  This site offers info about the script, plus ideas and news about women in theatre–including actions you can take.  

First, the play:

venus in orange is a performance piece with movement and music, written by Paula Cizmar and Laura Shamas.

This unconventional play explores the lives and loves of young women in the 21st century.  venus combines documentary elements with myth, magic, and dreams in a collage of scenes, monologues, movement, and spoken word.

Flexible casting can range from as few as 6 performers to 8 – 10 or more.

On this site:

You can sample the script, learn a little more about the play and its authors, gather a bit of news about archetypes and insights/musings about what’s going on in the world today, and join our #52playsbywomen action.

“Go! Myths about the goddess of love — and truths about female sexuality — are the focus of Paula Cizmar and Laura Shamas’ play with music. All eight characters are named Venus and are played by women of varying ages, races and body types, underscoring socially constructed, divergent notions about beauty, love and sexuality.” – Recommended, L.A. Weekly

“…An anthology of myth, monologue and movement…a straight-up celebration of the female spirit through the ages, with some commiseration and compromise along the way…well rendered by a deliciously diverse cast…a vivid spectrum from lust to apology, from rage to ambivalence.” –L.A. Times

Check out the script itself–available to read on this site–and other info about the play!