Call to Action!
We have been so inspired by Women In Film’s successful #52filmsbywomen campaign that we are launching an international sister campaign for the theatre: #52playsbywomen.

The Goals:
(1)  To foster further recognition of plays by women on social media, and
(2)  To encourage the repeated selection of plays by women as a personal choice for theatre goers around the world. This will support an individual’s development of a theatre-going “habit” of seeing plays by women. Eventually, it will help to support more productions of plays by women, by contributing to the “buzz.”

The Action:
It’s easy!

I. Pledge to see a play by a woman (including woman-identified) playwright each week for a year.

If you’d like (optional), you can announce your pledge on social media, something like:
“I pledge to see a play by a woman playwright each week for one year to support #52playsby women. Follow my choices here.”

II. Post a tweet each week with

1.  the playwright’s name,

2.  the play’s title, and

3.  the hashtag #52playsbywomen.

4.  Do this for one year.

5.  Enjoy the plays!

Sample weekly tweet:                                                                                                         TITLE OF PLAY by PLAYWRIGHT’S NAME #52playsbywomen


Q:  There are not that many plays by women being produced in my area, but I’d still like to participate. Do public readings  and/or workshops of plays by women count? Does reading a published play (or a script) by a woman playwright count?
A: YES! A public reading and/or workshop of a play by a woman playwright counts because it’s a performance. In addition, if you cannot attend any public performance of a play by a woman playwright (due to lack of productions or readings in your area), you may, in substitution, read a play by a woman that week and post that play information instead, by adding this hashtag to ours: #readaplay
TITLE OF PLAY by PLAYWRIGHT’S NAME #52playsbywomen #readaplay
(Thanks to playwright Cindy Cooper for her 2015 initiative  of #readaplay).

Q:  I’m a female playwright and I’d like to promote my own play that’s currently in production. Is this hashtag a good place to do that?
A:  First of all, congrats on your production! Best wishes for your run!
But NO.  If you’d like to have your own play promoted on this hashtag, we urge you to point audience members who have seen your play to post it there instead. That benefits you more as a playwright as others are discussing your work AND they are developing a theater-going habit of seeing plays by female playwrights.

Q: Do short and ten minute plays by women playwrights count?
A: Yes. Anything that runs ten minutes or longer may be counted.

Q: Theatre is expensive. I’d like to support this initiative but I can’t get to the theatre every week. Any advice on where to find free classic plays by women online?
A: Yes! Here’s a free online list of fifty classic plays by women playwrights.

Any other questions? Please just post them to the #52playsbywomen hashtag on Twitter and we’ll add it to the questions above with a response. Thanks. And enjoy your exciting year of theatre-going!

Special Thanks to all who have supported the launch of this initiative:
Niall Tangney is part of the launch of the #52 Call to Action, and mirrored this Call in Australia on his Theatre in Sydney and NSW site.
The League of Professional Theatre Women is part of the launch of the #52 Call to Action.  Check it out on:   LPTW Social Media Advocacy.
17% Percent, U.K., is part of the launch of the#52 Call to Action.
The Los Angeles Female Playwrights Initiative is part of the launch of the #52 Call to Action.
Equity in Theatre, Canada, is part of the launch of the #52 Call to Action.