We’re happy to announce that we have just added an excerpt of the script to this website.  Now you can read scenes from venus in orange for free and, we hope, enjoy the sometimes comedic, sometimes mythological, sometimes heart wrenching journey of the ancient goddess of love and her contemporary counterparts.

venus in orange is a play with flexible casting–it can be done with 6 actors (oh Hades, you could probably do it with 4!), or 8 actors, or 10 or 12 or more.  It’s an all-female cast, with scenes, monologues, spoken word, and movement.  But none of the performers need to be dancers or singers–they just need to have the willingness and the energy to perform.  The play should be cast diversely–reflecting the times and the cities we live in.  None of the roles are written for any specific race or ethnicity, nor are they written for any specific age, or look, or idea.   People of color and people with disabilities are children of Venus, too, and the goddess of love would LOVE to see all her diverse offspring performing her plays.